What is this?

It’s a campaign introduced by MeritUnion starting 25th Jan 2016, wherein a FREE resource support is provided for a week (40hrs) to support any operational process/projects.

Why is this offered?

It’s to allow our prospects experience the service model, communication and deliverables while comforting them with outsourcing set-up.

What are the typical Outsourcing functions?

Everything within Capital Markets, Investment and Finance domain: Investment Management, Risk, Performance, Research, Data Handling, Analytics, Reporting and MIS.

What are the qualifications of the resource?

A resource is selected based on the task on hand. A full range of resources from analyst to senior domain experts are on the list.

Where are the resources based?

At our headquarters in Mumbai, India.

What are the terms and conditions?

None really! There is no binding commitment to enroll irrespective of the level of satisfaction during the free trial period.

Anything else should I know?


  • Training time devoted if any is accounted within the total free time allocated.
  • While every effort is made to have an overlap with Client time zone, there might be some hours performed without any overlap.
  • The offer would last until the slots are exhausted!
Is this really FREE!
Of course, wanna try? Contact here with your brief requirements – Contact