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> Hedge Funds - Middle and Back office

Being a Hedge fund manager involves wearing several hats for executing various tasks and is often a hurdle to scale up operations. We specialize in executing middle and back office functions for hedge funds. Typical tasks involve Reporting, Documentation, Reconciliations, Performance metric and Risk analytics.

> Risk On-boarding Support

Subscribing to a Risk system is futile unless the funds are on-boarded timely and accurately. Due to our hands on experience with most complex risk systems, we help on-board the funds and reports in a swift fashion with a guaranteed cut-off deadline.

> Setting up Position files

One of the tedious yet critical tasks in executing the Risk systems involves setting up position files which requires asset class knowledge, hands-on systems expertise and dedicated resources. We help our Clients build position/asset files with accurate inputs and using the format warranted by the given Risk system. In addition to modeling complex instruments such as swaps, swaptions, CDS, futures, and options, we also ensure appropriate tagging is in place, so that reports are carved out accurately.

> Automation Service

Organizations get choked on time and resources with manual spreadsheet processes. MeritUnion with the help of its techno-functional experts helps organizations automate their processes to optimize data handling using ETL (extract, transform, load) or similar technology stack.

> Proxy handling

Nearly 15-20% of assets on an average fail to report risk due to lack of coverage or incorrect modeling. This results in incorrect reporting and analytics which may prove to be dangerous. We help fund houses identify the correct proxies and model them such that their risk closely represents that of the original asset.

> Reporting and Managed Services
There is often an execution burden which comes hand-in-hand when an investor subscribes to a risk system. MeritUnion helps clients smoothly execute their daily risk reporting, stress testing, and all other associated tasks required for risk management, reporting, and regulatory reporting.
> Customized Reporting & Post-Processing

A given risk system often provides only standard parameters & reports, which are not  tailored to the individual client. With its niche position in the market,  MeritUnion is in a ideal position to deliver any level of customization and post-processing to a given set of reports. Common examples include ratio analysis, internal risk measures, leverage computations, charts/graphs, and regulatory/compliance checks.

> Application Testing

MeritUnion assists organisations with application testing activities for Internal or External systems to help them narrow down on that perfect system suitable to their use case. Extensive testing is carried on functional logic deployed, navigation, bugs & enhancements, compatibility, and stress tests.

> Fund commentary

A reporting process is incomplete without apt commentary on key findings. Using our Capital markets domain experts we help companies with key findings on exceptions and trends within performance, risk and allied domain.

> Dashboard Reports

Large Excel reports with significant amounts of data are often hard to digest and mostly end up as junk. Investors and Management are often looking for key indicators of risk and performance, and the delivery of those reports in a user-friendly format. We help funds create dashboard reports which are best suited for your investor & management reporting. These dashboard reports are highly customizable, and include features like visual aids, graphs, ratio analysis, top parameters, key changes and disclaimers.

> Factsheets

Creating and managing factsheets can be a huge overhead for any fund. MeritUnion using its automated tools helps firms create those perfect Factsheet using customized performance metric and manage them on an ongoing basis.

> Regulatory Reporting

Churning regulatory reports comes with its own sets of maintenance and post-processing requirements. MeritUnion helps to deliver the Regulatory driven systems up-gradation, integration and testing. Typical workflow includes creating the input files, adjustments for Netting/Hedging arrangements, post processing, rules engine and delivering the desired output format. Example:  tagging positions, Duration netting, Stress testing, Leverage calculations, Hedging arrangements and Exposure calculations.

We help cater to all the regulations including: FRTB, Basel, UCITS, AIFMD and Volcker.

> Compliance & Limit Monitoring

Compliance with trade regulations, Regulator, Investor mandate, Internal control related activities. Limit monitoring of internal and external limits with respect to Risk, Capital adequacy, Exposure and Counterparty limits.

> VaR Backtest Reporting

Backtesting of VaR  is both a regulatory requirement as well as an internal control check to validate a VaR model. We help set up backtest reports to find excession points in graphical and tabular formats over any given look back horizon. In addition, our risk experts also present diagnostics on each excession point accompanied by market analysis and written commentary. These reports can be used for a number of use cases, including AIFMD or UCITS implementations.

> Analytical Review & Variance Analysis

MeritUnion helps perform analytical variance analysis on risk numbers generated between regular intervals (e.g. Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly). We can also decompose the factors which drive the results of the analytics, such as asset composition and market data. This analysis can be further complimented by written commentary on major influencing factors of such results, which can be in turn be shared with investors and management.

> Trade Operations

MeritUnion can assists clients with the execution of trade processing operations, such as end-to-end middle office support, Trade reconciliations, NAV calculation, AUM management, Settlement, OTC documentation and Prime brokerage related functions.

> ESMA Reporting

Delegate your ESMA reporting to MeritUnion to get relieved of day to day reporting requirements. MeritUnion will adopt EU guidelines and act as your partner for Counterparty reporting, Derivatives reporting, Exposure calculation, Trade repository (TR) fillings and Reconciliation activities.