Precise eye detailing dashboards are never out of fashion! MeritUnion’s team of domain experts have created a dashboard translator to compress & trim the spreadsheet/xml reports into a customized Pdf Dashboard Report.

Dashboard features include:
  1. Graphical representation
  2. Data Formatting: sorting, filtering, look-ups, highlights, etc. e.g., Top 10 values
  3. Limit checks and Alarms
  4. Data massage and Formulas – Computing ratio’s, post processing, Scenario generator, etc.

With a blend of technical and domain expertise we strive to create that perfect Dashboard Report. Among others, the report is apt for Senior Management, Business heads, Clients and Investors.

Dashboard workflow:

Step 1: Import – User imports a raw spreadsheet report/data to a dedicated customized dashboard platform set-up by MeritUnion.

Step 2: Data massage and Formatting – Perform essential computation and formatting on raw data. Examples including: sorting, charting, graphing, highlighting exceptions, Computing Ratios, apply mathematical formulas, add disclaimers, etc.

Step 3: Output – Generate and distribute Pdf output to relevant recipients.

Additionally, the reports can be supplemented with a written commentary, detailing the results of key parameters and exceptions.